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Cornerstone Institute
6 South State Street
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (603) 228-3862
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E-mails are for general informational purposes only. All clinical contact or client related messages should be done via telephone. Please follow telephonic and pager protocol for emergencies. Please schedule appointments by phone. E-mail is not absolutely secure or confidential nor is it checked regularly.
Phone: (603) 228-3862
Staff Email Phone
William Billy Brown D.Min. ext 21
Vicki J. Compitello Ph.D ext. 22
Linda Juranty LICSW ext. 27
Shirley A. Kirby Ph.D. ext 24
Rachel Vaughan LICSW ext. 28
Lori Lonsdale LCMHC ext. 30
Ed Orlowski LICSW ext. 50
Billing office ext. 26
Kristy Moen LICSW, MLADC ext. 23
Scot Wilson LCMHC ext. 25

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